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Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-cafe is a German Theme Restaurant, for more details please refer to their Facebook page,

6 Adults were there to have dinner, as this is the first time we visit the place thus we decided to share the food instead of the normal 3 – 4 courses dinner.. We order a Pork Knuckle, Chicken WIngs, Truffle Fries, Red Cabbage, Garlic Bread and Thin Bread Pizza (or some called it as German Square Pizza). We have Hot Lava and the Black Forest for desert.

If you notice, we are having all the signature German Cuisine , that’s what exactly in our mind as this is the first time we visit this German cuisine theme restaurant, thus we think this the best way we able to know how the restaurant fare. The food is quite nice, the Pork Knuckle is good and I believe it is better than a few famous German restaurants in Singapore. I like the bread pizza, the taste, the texture and the harmonisation between the toppings is definitely better than a few famous German restaurants in SIngapore. The only dish not faring that well is the chicken wings, it might be too salty. The desert although not presented very well (well at least in a restaurant, I expected the presentation can be better), the taste is not bad.
However, a lot of beverages in the menu is not available, not sure is just for that night we went only or it happen all the ti8mes. There is only 1 type of draught beer and to me, a German Theme restaurant that has only 1 type of draught beer (doesn’t matter how many types of bottled beer) is always a shame. A a lot of the beverages not available, endup my lady friends get warm and ice water.
The decoration and layout of the restaurant although are old, but it give a sense of vintage and cosy feeling. Overall the environment is comfortable and the staffs are attentive.

I been thinking about rating between 3 stars and 4 stars but finally select 3 stars. The reason is due to the lack of beverage. The dinning experience will be different or better for my lady friends if they have the desire beverage to enjoy with their food. Thus I consider the whole dinning experience is more important than just instead of the quality of the food only.
I would like to thank the staffs for being attentive to serve us last night.

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