My dad is a well-known chef at one of the local restaurant, but I never learn anything from him on cooking. I remember, when I was first posted out (around age 24), I ask him about cooking as I never ever cook decent meals. He told me too late to pick up anything given the short time. But he gives me a note book that contains all the hand written recipes and all are written in Chinese. I remember I learn a few of that and the rest I learn, invent and experiment during all these years. I’ll have this pages to have all the recipes I have, some from my friends, my dad and my own experiments.

I will start with these 8 recipes from Carol, a friend from Hong Kong, who I know for a long time. I can’t remember why she gave me these  recipes, but I  remember she gave it to me around 2008,  when she  in Singapore. Those recipes also hand written too. I try a few so far so good to me.
Tomato & Spare Ribs Soup
8th of 8, this is the last recipe from my friend. This soup is  easy to cook and it is
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Stir fried Pork with Spring Onion
7th of 8, this is a simple Chinese ethnic home-cook dish in Singapore too. It is simple and fast to
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Stir Fried Peanut Rice
6th of 8, this is my favor, this recipe not only help me manage my left over rice but I
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Stewed Spare Ribs Soup with Barley
5th of 8, I quite like this tasty soup but I seldom cook it, to me this dish takes a
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Stirred Fried Chicken with Dark Sauce
4th of 8, this dish always reminds me of home. I tried this recipe a few times, it will be
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Steam Prawns with Garlic
3rd of 8, this is my favor, fast and easy. You just prepare as below,  put the prawns to steam and
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Steam Chicken with Spring Onion
2nd of 8, this I try before some times back. I know another method of having stream chicken, her method
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Lo Sang Beef Soup
Ingredients 1 kg Beef 1 Carrot 1 Potato 1 Brown Onion 1 Tomato 1/2 Cabbage 1 tablespoon cooking wine /
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After sharing the recipe from Carol, the next section of the recipe I would like to share is Instant Noodle!!. I’m a fan of instant noodle and instant noodle has a big culture in Asia. Friends I know, be it guys or female, most of them have a recipe of their own signature  instant noodles.

When my early day post out, instant noodle is the common solution to my cooking. I find it rather bore that instant noodle normally with simple ingredients, thus have developed different kind of variants to spice food up.

I hope you all will enjoy it;

Stir-Fried Chicken Noodle
Have you ever staring at the left over turkey or roast chicken that cannot finished for one reason or another,
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Stir Fried Chicken Breast with Ginger Sauce
Stir Fried Chicken Breast with Ginger Sauce This dish is an easy home cook dish in Asia. Almost each family
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Petai & Prawns In Spicy Assam Sauce
Petai & Prawns In Spicy Assam Sauce I love this dish since I was young, however, I don’t like petai.
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Fried Fish in Lak Zi Sauce
Fried Fish in Lak Zi Sauce I like this dish as it is easy to prepare and the ingredients, including
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Grilled Fish With Ginger Sauce And Mushroom
I like preparing this fish as it is easy to prepare. You can grilled it over an oven or barbecue
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Hainanese Chicken Rice
Sometime back when I was writing on the recipe from my friend on steam chicken, Steam Chicken with Spring Onion,
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Holland Bean & Prawns In Spicy Asam Sauce
I like to prepare this dish as this also a very fast and easy to prepare dish. This dish also
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Assam Mee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)
This is a common dish in South East Asia, you can find this in the menu of most buffet tables
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Fresh And Dried Squids In Fiery Black Bean Sauce
This dish is a very easy and fast to prepare, however, one of the ingredient, dried squid, is not easy
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Steamed Spare Ribs And Yam In Fiery Black Bean Sauce
This dish is an easy to prepare and it is also suitable for the Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner. If
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Pan Seared Squid
I obtained this recipe from a cook book about 20 years ago, had forgotten the title of the book and
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Spicy Chorizo And Potatoes
I can’t recalled when and where I got this recipe,  I recall I used to cook this dish as far
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I remember I obtained this recipe a few years ago from an online game, I have forgotten  the name of
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Mixed Paella
This is a Spanish cuisine with the recipe I get from a couple of years ago, and I adapted
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Having a section for all the collection of sauces as sauces are important to cooking. Sauces help to bring out out the best of a dish.

Lak-Zi Sauce
Lak-Zi Sauce Lak-zi sauce can be found in many oriental kitchens although I think not everyone prepare it but I
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Ginger Sauce
Ginger Sauce It been quite a while since I last shared my recipe, as these few months been busy experimenting
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Spicy Shallot Sauce
This is a very useful and popular dipping sauce used by South East Asian. It is also easily available ready made
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Spicy Asam Sauce
This seasoning sauce is very popular with South East Asian and it’s origin from the Malay. I don’t think it
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Black Pepper And Black Bean Sauce
Black bean is popular and widely used in Chinese cooking especially the fermented black bean. We used the black bean
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Char Siew BBQ Sauce
Char Siew, Chinese Roasted Pork, a popular dish among Chinese in Asia especially the Cantonese style. Also listed as number
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Five Favors Sauce
Sauces are important in cooking, it serve as the dipping sauce that bring out the best of a dish, it
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