My dad is a well-known chef at one of the local restaurant, but I never learn anything from him on cooking. I remember, when I was first posted out (around age 24), I ask him about cooking as I never ever cook decent meals. He told me too late to pick up anything given the short time. But he gives me a note book that contains all the hand written recipes and all are written in Chinese. I remember I learn a few of that and the rest I learn, invent and experiment during all these years. I’ll have this pages to have all the recipes I have, some from my friends, my dad and my own experiments.

I will start with these 8 recipes from Carol, a friend from Hong Kong, who I know for a long time. I can’t remember why she gave me these  recipes, but I  remember she gave it to me around 2008,  when she  in Singapore. Those recipes also hand written too. I try a few so far so good to me.