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    Project Management ABC

    Project Management ABC (ISBN 9789811126024) by Lim Joo Seng, a book able audience who is not a professional project manager to learn the fundamentals of project management. The audience can be experienced employee facing a role change from within his organization to become project manager. He will be able to manage projects related to his area of responsibility within the …

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    原著以英文版, Project Management ABC (ISBN 978-981-11-2602-4) 出版以2017 正月, 本书以中文版谈论成功项目管理原则与元素。 这书以在进行训练讲解的方式来呈现,它能够使不是专业训练的项目经理来学习项目管理的基本原则。读者可能是一名有经验的员工面临着来自组织内的转变,角色成为项目经理。在通过学习项目管理中发现的成功基本原则与元素,读者将能够管理在组织内部的项目。中小型企业的企业主和创业公司业主也是适合本书的读者