Back in 2003, when I made a resolution to publish a book , I would not imagine the way it happened today. I know there will be improvement n format, technologies or even the publication process. I foresee the eBook format but I didn’t expect the whole distribution eco system totally change. I didn’t expect a  consumer-to-consumer model or author-to-reader model is possible back then. The reason is simple, the whole distribution eco system need a lot of supporting business processes, to name a few, print production,  payment management, agent to market your books or products…etc.

When I start working on my publication for the past few months,  I know nothing much about publishing a book. However, I can self-start by going through research in Internet, google for information …etc build my knowledge base within weeks. in fact even have the process map and distribution model already  drafted within weeks. After I finalise my books, I spend just a day to setup all the various requirements such as marketing page, online store for my file with DRM, getting payment services such as paypal & stripe to manage transactions. After a week, I able to offer my book to various channels and 51 countries and including able to sell physical book edition using Amazon  print-on-demand services.distribution-model

This is something that I can never imagine back then and I seriously would not think that my book can reached 51 countries so fast if based on the technology and business model back then. Is this good a change in distribution model? I think this is a positive change, this change empower people to share their knowledge, ideas, talents skills, music and creation directly to the world. This empower authors  to publish their books of knowledges and ideas otherwise not appreciated by agents. This empower director to distribute their movies, singer or song composer to distribute their music. This also empower designer to sell bags or dress that make or design by themselves, empower home kitchen chef to deliver their own recipe meals to their customers. This will help people with talents but always find it hard to start a business due to a lack of fund.

This I looking forward to a more wonderful world whereby we are spoilt with choices from internet stores too.Maybe my next project shall focus on an online restaurant whereby I shall use home kitchen for cooking, Facebook and WordPress to offer my menu, Paypal and Stripe to manage my payment, Uber eat or local tech-delivery services for delivering the food to diners at their home or office or even at a park?

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