Since 2000, I set a dream to publish books one day and finally, I do it 17 years later. I guess I set this goal back then due to my regret, unable to complete my thesis for my Master course. Although the university allowed me more time, I still did not submit the thesis due to my commitment in my career. Sometime I wonder the real root cause is whether  my commitment to my career or my will to do it.

Finally I did it on January 29, 2017. It took me about 3 months, almost full time, to research, consolidate and publish the book. I know there is still a lot of room for me to improve and that exactly given me goal to perfect and hone my skill.

I will dedicate this page for all my publications.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT ABC (1st Edition) (English Edition)
ISBN 978 981 11 2602 4 (eBook Edition)
ISBN 978 981 11 2677 2 (Paperback Edition)

This book is a collection of all the notes I made on project management training I received all these years. It also includes notes on improving my project management skills and these notes serves as my pocket guide during my career.

The English Edition is available at;

项目管理ABC (中文版)

ISBN 978 981 11 2863 9 (ebook Edition)

This publication is the Chinese Edition of the Project Management ABC.

The Chinese Edition is available at;