This is my first post in YouTube, never expected it would be the crowdfunding campaign for my startup.

It been a long time since I post on my receipe, been busy recently with firing up the ‘cannon’. It been a good experience, frankly speaking every single thing, ecommerce website,¬†marketing ..etc all done by myself, DIY. It kind of tough for me, I’m not an artist, thus the design tend to be ugly. I just know I technically inclined, somehow can build up all these. An old friend, ask me how I’m mechanical engineering trained in aerospace industry can build a website and perform all these. I just tell him, that the wonder of an very experience program or project manager. Program or project managers are Jack of all trades but master of none, that’s the nature, as most of time we need to learn new things due to the project we manage and we can adapt with a way to learn things fast. Orelse how you think those program or project manager figure out what needed for their projects with most of time they waded into unchartered territories.

But then I wish I can write leisurely on my recipe, maybe with those recipe it is easy to start a cafe than a cause. Not sure when I can have an holiday, longing for one.

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